Jesus Journey: 40 Days in the Footsteps of Christ

What Leaders Are Saying About Jesus Journey

“In this wonderfully creative book, René Schlaepfer has once again done what he does best. He has built a bridge from the ancient world in which the biblical drama unfolded to the issues of contemporary life. As you make your way through the book it soon becomes evident that your author-tour guide is a masterful storyteller, which will remind you of the gifts of a first century rabbi named Jesus.”

Rev. Dr. M. Craig Barnes, pastor of Shadyside Presbyterian and author of When God Interrupts, Sacred Thirst, Searching For Home, and The Pastor as Minor Poet

“As cliché as this may sound, when you journey into the Holy Land, reading your Bible truly does move from 2-D to 3-D. What a privilege we have getting to experience some 3-D of the land where Jesus walked as René brings us right into the world where Jesus lived.

“I had the joy of living in Israel for several months and revisiting it since, and René does an amazing job of bringing the land where Jesus walked into our living room — and not just into our homes, but into our hearts and lives. I am very grateful René wrote this and so thankful as I think of the incredible impact it will have on readers as they journey into the land and teachings of Jesus.”

Dan Kimball, René Schlaepfer fan, teaching and mission leader at Vintage Faith Church, and author of They Like Jesus But Not The Church

“If you’ve always wanted to visit Israel to walk where Christ walked and to see where he ministered, here is your opportunity — and you don’t have to leave home to do it. René Schlaepfer takes readers on just such a trip in Jesus Journey. He blends insightful commentary, biblical accuracy, and touches of humor from his own journeys to Israel that make this book a spiritual adventure you will enjoy taking again and again. Don’t miss it!”

Karen O’Connor, speaker and author of Squeeze The Moment, Basket of Blessings, and many more

“In Jesus Journey, René Schlaepfer weaves exotic travelogue, historical mysteries, and the story of Christ into a daily devotional that will motivate and inspire. René knows how to put the reader on the ground in the Holy Land in a way that is compelling and illuminating. His writing will fascinate enthusiasts of Holy Land trips as well as those looking for an excellent personal or small group study.”

Bill Butterworth, speaker and author of The Short List